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About Coastal Flooding Research

The proximity to nature, including coastal environments, provides many benefits to human health and mental wellbeing.

However, the environmental and social impacts of climate change such as sea-level rise and increased flooding pose significant risks for coastal communities.

Coastal Flooding Research studies these combined effects for the benefit of coastal communities worldwide.

Research Overview

  1. The 2016-17 National Survey for Wales was the dataset used for this research.
  2. This thesis was a socio-environmental analysis of 2,600 survey respondents.
  3. The ResearchGate link in the footer allows for full download of the Thesis.

Why Coastal Flooding Research Matters

As populations of coastal areas increase, there is a societal need to determine if concern about flooding alters health or mental wellbeing.

Coastal communities are on the front lines of climate change.

Coastal flooding threatens community cohesion, local economies, and the health and wellbeing of people living on or near the Welsh coast.